About Us

Top That! Pizza was the first to introduce fast, affordable, create-your-own personal pizzas.

After eons of eating pizzas that was always wanting in one way or another, we thought it was time to give people the kind of pizza they wanted.

•  We offer a choice of crusts, sauces and locally sourced toppings and cheeses.

•  Our toppings are fresh and out in plain view so you can watch us assemble your pizza, your way.

•  Our pizzas are cooked to perfection in under five minutes, with marvelously melded flavors and layers of melted cheese on a beautiful golden-brown crust.

•  We offer a value that people appreciate.  You get to create your own masterpiece any way you want it for one reasonable price.

Top That! Pizza is a fast casual personal pizza restaurant that was developed as a way to provide an easy, quick and delicious way for families and individuals to craft the pizza they want for an affordable price.