Let us host an in-store event for your organization and we will donate 20% of the proceeds from receipts collected that evening. It's an easy and fun way to raise funds - and it costs you nothing!

How it works

1. Fill out a fundraiser request form.

2.  A Top That! Pizza representative will contact you and help set it all up.

3.  Top That! Pizza will supply a flier that you can customize, print and distribute to friends, family and members of your organization.

4.  Your guest enjoys a meal and then drop their receipt into our special collection box.

5.  Top That! Pizza donates 20% of their purchase to your organization.

 It's that simple!

Reserve Your Event Today!  Prime time slots are available on a first-reserved basis.

Events are held during weekday and Sunday evenings from 5pm - 9pm.

Email one of our locations and a Top That! Pizza representative will contact you to discuss scheduling options and details.

Eligibility Requirements for a Fundraiser at Top That! Pizza

•  Churches  •  Schools  •  Teams  •  Clubs  •  Non-Profit Organizations

The key to a successful fundraiser is promotion and the more you promote your event the more money your organization will make!

We help you along the way, providing you with a customizable flier that you can print and distribute to family, friends and members of your organization. You can also promote your event on social media sites as well.

Bring in extra revenue for your team,

school or non-profit organization!